Angela helps others express themselves by finding their authentic voice through creative practice and vocal development. With 20 years of professional songwriting and performance experience including 5 years as a songwriting instructor, coach and mentor, she fosters creativity with proven methods and practical tools to dive deep into the self in order to find “the truth” which can lead to authentic confidence of expression.

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Monthly and package rates available.

Each session is tailored to you, based on your experience and goals. You will be supported to stand in your personal power and discover your authentic voice that is uniquely yours. We do this in two ways:

Songwriting (or any creative writing or journaling) can be a therapeutic release of energy, and a cathartic experience to know yourself better, find your authentic voice, and courageously express yourself in new ways.

Voice Work Expressing yourself through the voice is another way to express yourself fully and stand in your personal power. Practicing vocal exercises regularly is a therapeutic release and expression of yourself, and can help relieve blocked energy in the body.



“I learned a lot. I’ve always been writing songs, but I think I produced some of my best work after a really long dry spell. The push and bit of pressure really helped me stay on track. Thank you so much for everything!!”
-A. Edwards

“Thank you so much Angela! I often avoid writing lyrics, but thanks to your classes in the steps that we should take, somehow, it seems that these lyrics almost wrote themselves.”
– G Williams

Thank you for such an experience Angela! You have a special place within my musical journey.”
- E. Sajjad