The Bright Side Academy - Coaching and Mentorship

With 20 plus years of experience in songwriting, performance, self-managing a successful career as an indie artist and finding balance and purpose in my work, I am qualified and fulfilled in sharing my knowledge and skill set to help others just starting out or aiming at the next level in their creative and professional development.

As an award-winning songwriter with 8 years experience teaching in a formal private college, I have worked one-on-one with clients since 2018. 

Want to work with me? Next intake: April -June 2024

Your mentorship program will be ten (10) 1-hour private online sessions and include skill and knowledge building in any of these key areas:

Music Fundamentals
Creative Practice 
Lyrical Tools and Techniques 
Voice Development and Training
Performance Coaching 
Music Industry Knowledge
Navigating Royalties
Social Media
Music Project Management
Song Evaluation
Timelines and Marketing
Mindset Coaching
How to be the CEO of Your Music Career

Whether you’re just starting out, want to write songs for fun, or an experienced performer, every person’s journey in this program will be unique and tailored to you. 

Email me at for a free 20-minute consultation session.
Monthly and package rates available.


“I learned a lot. I’ve always been writing songs, but I think I produced some of my best work after a really long dry spell. The push and bit of pressure really helped me stay on track. Thank you so much for everything!!”
-A. Edwards

"Angela's professionalism and enthusiasm made our sessions enjoyable and productive. Her considerable knowledge and advice allowed me to explore my songs with new insight while maintaining my vision and voice."
- D. McNeil

“Thank you so much Angela! I often avoid writing lyrics, but somehow, it seems that these lyrics almost wrote themselves.”
– G Williams

"Thank you for such an experience Angela! You have a special place within my musical journey.”
- E. Sajjad